New Items & More 5/13/12

2 new items today:

Woven Basket (Pet Shop-Appondale)

Sheriff Badge (Bahari Bargains-Bahari Bay)

Also, Animal Jam was offline for all day Friday (5/11/12) because phantoms made a mess. (Actually, AJHQ messed up, but they never blame anything in themselves.) So, today I log on as Round Rainyruler (my main update checking animal) and I find I got a Jam-A-Gram that looks like this:
and the gift was:
...Imprisoned Phantoms. Now, I don't get why they even bother sending this thing to non-members, because they have no choice but to discard it. Crunchy Berryfriend got this exact same thing! Also, check out the new Crunchy Locator 101. It tells you if I am online, and if so, what server I am on, and what animal you will most likely find me using. Also, If you are not American and you come to this blog, I will out the flag of your nation on the Viewer Flags page. 

Crunchy Berryfriend