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10 people from Canada visited my blog today. I noticed I use parentheses a lot on this blog so I am stopping. The new Glitch page will be up soon, probably tomorrow. I have had this blog for 3 days and have gotten 50 views from all over the world, but no comments. Maybe everyone is just flipping through random blogs, but we'll see. Also, I am trying to get posted on TheSlidoo's ( blogroll, but it may take a while. I also do NOT want to get "Crunchy Imposers". 4440529 is a hard username to copy, and Crunchy Berryfriend has a lot of rares that he wears. Also, I do not want any mean, rude, or inappropriate comments. ALL COMMENTS ARE MODERATED AND SWEARING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. If you would alike to be on my blogroll, comment! I will not post on wednesday, because time does not allow.

Crunchy Berryfriend