Jamaasian Movement

I know you were all hoping for something big, somethingJamaa-changing, but we all need to face the facts. Animal Jam is run by adults. We are kids. What could we possibly do?
All I know is that I didn't join Jamaa for the rares or the games. I joined it to find friends from around the world and learn more about the earth from an inspirational game. As corny as that sounds, it's true. I love Jamaa because of the imagination and creativity behind it. It is something more than a game. . .
Perhaps it started with Graham the monkey shaman. It all began then I suppose. I never realized how fun it would be to meet a shaman, and how I felt like I was becoming part of a story. None of my rares mattered at that moment. I just wish everyone else could feel the same. Things would be better. . .
Enough with my talk, now for the evidence! Here are some problems I've seen. Shamans are no longer being named. Mira, Zios, and the phantoms no longer appear in the Jamaa Journal (except for gift giving symbols and glitch excuses that is).Humanity is invading Jamaa - the cruise ship - Crystal Sands  water slides. . . It's simply getting ridiculous.
If we want to make a difference we need to act together. I don't just mean all of you or this blog. We're pretty small in Jamaa. I mean every blog, every jammer, every single one you can find. If the word goes wide, we may have a chance. I'm sure many of you own blogs, or read other ones. Could you post this, or tell about this? No need to link my blog if you don't want you readers to come here. Just simply state the name and goal of our movement. Then we may have the chance. . . to change Jamaa.
Tell your buddies. Tell jammers who care about Jamaa. Tell jammers who don't know anything about it at all. If we are a united group AJHQ will have to hear us. None of this is possible without your active help, you must want to change Jamaa.
This next week is to prepare for our first act. Our current task is to spread the word. Tell a random jammer you meet. Tell your friends. Tell your your blog readers. But the real question is this - what are we going to do? What do you want to do? Tell me your ideas and remember, we must take baby steps. Little changes. If we give it our best we may just change the world.
There are some of you that will ignore this post, won't spread the word, and don't really care. That's alright. It makes a difference just knowing about what Jamaa is missing. For everyone else, we must fight. For when we leave Jamaa we need to be ready for the outside world. It's a big place, and it needs change to move towards a better future. Why not start now?

¡!¡ Jamaasians for Jamaa !¡!