New Items 6/27/12

2 New Items Today:
 Moon Balloon (Summer Carnival Clothing Shop-Summer Carnival)
Octopus Chair (Sunken Treasures-Kani Cove)

I finally received word from AJHQ. Now, I take the E-Mails being typed by a real person half back. You see, I asked what the horse shaman was, and they answered the same thing as they did the last time. :$
The Rest: So, I think that there could be one of two or three situations here.
1: A person has a list of responses and he/she picks off a list.
2: A computer looks for key things in your question, and selects the one which it thinks is most appropriate without a person actually looking at it. The names in the corner are computer generated.
 3: A person is told to do anything and everything to show that the HQ is not lazy. So, they give you a blurb about something similar to the subject, without answering the question.

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