New Things and More

There is 1 new item in Jamaa:

Nunchucks (Epic Wonders-Coral Canyons)
I am surprised AJHQ put a violent thing in AJ. Aren't these things used to break peoples heads or something?
Anyway, there is a new log-out screen...:

... and a new server: 

So, I have been wondering for a long time when the next land is coming out. So, I click on AJ's new help button and send my question. So, I check my E-Mail a few days later, and there is a thing from AJHQ. I opened it and it looked like this:
(Obviously, no one can read that, so click on it for full size.) I read it, and it says the person has no information on when the next land is coming. This E-Mail was defiantly written by a PERSON, not a machine. I think that is very nice of Smart Bomb Interactive, also known as AJHQ.  Comment what you think abut this. Also, the party is rescheduled. It is now June 4th. Same time, same place.