New Items 7/14/12

Good Morning Jammers-

1 New Item Today:

Sandals (Summer Carnival Clothing Shop-Summer Carnival)

I'd love to meet all my fans on AJ. This is how you arrange to meet me.

Dear Crunchy Berryfriend (4440529)

I would like to meet you on AJ. Does _:__ (time) ___ (time zone) on _/__/_ (date) sound good? I would like to meet up with you on server Balkan in ___________ (the room you would like to meet me in). My main animal is ________ and my username is ___________.

-____________________ (your username)

Just copy that into a comment and fill in the blanks. You MUST use the server Balkan. 

P.S. After 3 years on AJ, I may have meet you before. It is OK if you want to meet me again.