I'm Back!!!!-New Items 8/2-8/5, Update, Pets Only Party, and Panting

OK, on my vacation in Europe, I took 10 trains, had my passport checked about 6 times, and flew on the 4th largest airplane in the world. Wee Hoo! I am glad to be back home. Anyway:

Numerous New Items Within The Past Few Days:

Wavy Bookshelf (Jam Mart Furniture-Jamaa Township)

Zios Fountain (Mystery Emporium-Level 3-Chamber Of Knowledge-Lost Templo of Zios)

Crystal Chair (Blue Orb-Epic Wonders-Coral Canyons)

Fisherman's Cape (Bahari Bargains-Bahari Bay)

Falling Phantoms Home Game (Sol Arcade Shop-Sol Arcade)

Jamma Derby Home Game (Sol Arcade Shop-Sol Arcade)

OK. Now for the newly named shamans:

And for the update:

There are some new patterns for seals too!:

Last, but not least, there is a new painting thing in the Art Studio:

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