Update, New Items, and Monkeys Only Party

Jamaa Journal #064:
Monkeys are now available to all Jammers! No impersonating Explorer Supermonkey, please!

Monkeys Only Party!                                 The Monthly Member gift for September is a monkey pet!  

Check out Treetop Gardens, an all new outdoor store! (Reminds me of street vendors)

The Summer Carnival is coming to a close, so get tickets from the ticket machine!   
Exchange Rate: 2G -> 1 TKT

Here is a costume corner that you don't want to miss. Become a Fairy Princess!!

7 New Items today:

Small Tree, Daisy, Fern (Treetop Gardens-Sarpia Forest)

Banana Plant (Monkeys Only Party)

Monkey Carpet (Monkeys Only Party)

Inflatable Banana Seat (Monkeys Only Party)

Monkeys Only Party

Here are some pictures from the Party:

You arrive in this part of a tree.

A music called Monkey Madness is available.

You can get a Banana Pin by clicking this!

That's all for today, folks!