New Items-Finally

Thank you for standing by while I dealt with some personal matters. Anyhow, here is an extreamly long post with the new items.

Tons of new items over the past few days:

Spider, Demon, and Yeti Masks (Jam Mart Clothing-Jamaa Township)

Monster Teeth (Jam Mart Clothing-Jamaa Township)

Scary Balloons (Jam Mart Furniture-Jamaa Township)

Pumpkin and Angry Pumpkin Heads (Shiveer Shoppe-Hot Cocoa Hut-Mt. Shiveer)

Phantom Mask (Green Orb-Epic Wonders-Coral Canyons)

Airplane Wings and Clown and Nessie Masks (Bahari Bargains-Bahari Bay)

Skull Necklace, Neck Bolts, Halo (Bahari Bargans-Bahari Bay)

Horns (Bahari Bargains-Bahari Bay)

Phantom Lights (Sunken Treasures-Kani Cove)

Coral Phantom Statue, Scary Barrel Sponge, Coral Tombstone (Sunken Treasures-Kani Cove)

Good Morning, or Good Night Jammers; Have a SUPER SATURDAY!