New Items 12/7/12

Well,  with today comes a very humanoid item. The Dessert Table. It seems like an alias to the Feast Table.

Dessert Table (Blue Orb-Epic Wonders-Coral Canyons

This is a very American item, also. Starting at the 12:00 position going clockwise, the desserts are as follow: 
Jello, Apple Pie, Skittles/M&Ms, Cherry Pie, Cookies, Pumpkin Pie, and in the middle are Brownies. 

I'd like to say that we have reached 4000 views. As we approach 5000 views, we will be having a huge party. I will ensure that Bigcatsfoever, DoomyPanda, and Katgoo 449 are there. Of course, I will be there, and I will accept ALL buddy requests! I will have more information on that soon. The Party will be on a weekend, so all my special guests will be able to attend. 

Good Morning, or Good Night, Jammers-have a WACKY WEDNESDAY!