New Items

Thank you for bearing with me while I deal with some issues. I am going to be hiring more authors, and the "Become an Author" page will be returning. Yesterday, the blog was put in its autumn state, except for the witches, which were changed this morning. DoomyPanda is a secondary author for four blogs including this one, so I really cant expect her to post daily in my absence. Anyhow, we have a few items that have been released over the past few days. Starting next week, I will really try my hardest to post daily, even if it means posting using my cell phone and there are no pictures.

Sever New Itens Over The Past Few Days:

Epic Seasonal Tree (Blue Orb-Epic Wonders-Coral Canyons) 

Leaf Pile (Jam Mart Furniture-Jamaa Township)

Large Cactus (Treetop Gardens-Sarepia Forest)

I also noticed this Jammer being very disruptive to Jamma Peace:

This jammer is a Narccist.  When I confronted her, she ran away. Fortunately, I managed to snap a picture of her player card:

Report shygirl1899 for inappropriate behavior. This behavior cannot be tolerated. 

Good Morning or Good Night Jammers; have a SUPERB SATURDAY!