Odyssey of the Mind

I will not be able to post regularly until OotM is over. Thank you for your ongoing support.

1 New Item Today:

Jamaa Football League Football (Jam Mart Clothing-Jamaa Township)

American Football is a popular rough-and-tumble sport in the USA. It involves getting the football inside the end zone without a part of your body except your feet touch the field. You must get the football to the end zone without being tackled more than four times. If you fail to gain 10 yards before being tackled four times, your team must give the football to the other team. After you are tackled, the ball must be snapped. This involves the Center throwing the football behind him between his legs.  The field is 300 FT long. Injuries are very common in American Football.

Good _____ Jammers! Have a SUPER SATURDAY!