Mark Me Tardy (Kimbara Outback)

     Recently, as you should know already, Kimbara Outback was "discovered" by Cosmo. For those of you who did not figure this out already, 'discovered' actually means that SBI's development team was done enabling it. They probably took a week to create it, as the quality of the graphics and the level of enrichment (stuff you can do) is minimal. Anyhow, here's an aerial view of the land:

As you can see, this land looks like a combo of Mt. Shiveer, Crystal Sands, and Coral Canyons. 

By the way...

Doesn't the circled place send you a hint as to which room may be being reinstated in the near future?
Leave your suspicions in the comments below.

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Have a SUPER SATURDAY, jammers! Bye!