New Items & Making Changes (People Who Get Update EMails, Please Read)

3 New Items Today:

 Tye Dye and Phantom Shirts (Jam Mart Clothing-Jamaa Township)
Fox Plushie (Summer Carnival)

About those changes I mentioned in the title...

As you can see, there is a Daily Item bar where the Public Service Announcement was previously. This is where the new item will be from here on UNLESS THERE ARE MORE THAN 1 NEW ITEM ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY. If you receive update E-Mails, you should check the blog every day if you want to find new items. I do have a mobile site (same URL), so if you have a smartphone, you can check AJDN on the go. If you are a megafan, (I don't think this applies to any of you, but I'm putting it here anyway), you can even save AJDN to your home screen on an IPhone. Watch the video below to see how.

Have a SUPERB SUNDAY, Jammers! Bye!

~Crunchy Berryfriend