As always, AJDN is hiring authors to help with the posting. In the blue bar at the top of the page, there is a link for the application. Also, you may E-Mail your application to, tweet it to @AJDN_Blog, or comment it. Your application must include the following:

4-5 Sentences about yourself and your interests:
Your User:
Your E-Mail:
Your Main Animal Name (e.g Major Majormajor)
Your Twitter (optional):
Number of Months You've been ACTIVE on AJ:

Thank you in advance for applying. You have no idea what a huge help authors to the lively hood of the blog. THANK YOU, THAHK YOU, THANK----YOU FOR SUPPORTING AJDN. I never knew that we could accomplish 11,000 pageviews! That is insane! Enough rambling. 

Have a MERRY MONDAY, Jammers! That is today's edition of Animal Jam Daily News! 

~Crunchy Berryfriend 
P.S: Eat Chinese food for dinner. XD