Welcome Admiral!

Welcome Admiral! I am Creepersofthenethter! I hope you can buddy me so we can meet and talk about how we can make AJDN even better! I took the librety however to find all the news items from "The Great Escape!" Anyway Now on to the bulk of the post!

1 New item today:

                                                    Epic Wonders (Coral Canyons)

 Now bellow this point are spoilers for the New Adventure Items! Do not read anymore if you do not want spoilers!

                                                                           ~Spoiler Warning~

Top Left box= Phantom Grog (Could not get a pic of it sorry)
Top Middle box=1000 Gems
Top Right box= Mira Emblem
Here are Pics!
Bottom Left Box: 500 Gems
Bottom Right Box:
Graham Statue (Polluted)

                   Anyway have a SUPER Saturday and be a JAMMER not a SCAMMER!