Fake Fman122...

Hi Jammers! The end of another Tuesday. (If you live in the east coast then you might've experienced a little snow). Anyways, I was in Jamaa Township with Creepers and we saw someone pretending to be fman122. Now I'm sure we have all heard but here is exactly what he will do.

  1. He will send you a Jam-a-Gram with something like a table or rug you first get when creating an animal jam. The best thing to do is recycle the jamagram WITHOUT opening the gift. The Jam a Gram will most likely say,"Thanks for playing with me!" The best way to avoid this happening is simply to block him so he is unable to send you any jam a grams.
  2. If you do open the jam a gram, some kind of virus will be loaded into your account. He will take all your items and either recycle them and spend all the gems on stuff or, obtain all of your items. 
  3. He will obtain all your items and make your wolf look like this:Make sure you follow this advice and you won't  be hacked by fman122. Now For the video of the fake fman122.

Thanks Everyone! (sorry for the jam a gram pauses!)