Just to Clear Things Up...

Hi Jammers!

Today, I got a comment from an anon, stating that I had stopped posting. Let me set a few things straight here. I am now in several accelerated classes, and have heaps of homework every day. I also am very tired after school, and am not able to post. Creepersofthenethter is having some issues with his new computer, causing him to be unable to post. Here's the dilemma:

I have to talk to creepers about the future of AJDN. I don't go on AJ a lot anymore, but sometimes do to check things out. Also, I feel that, as a blogger, I am responsible for interacting with the readers, which is hard when there are over 12000 of you guys. 


I want you to vote.

What should AJDN do next?
Close Down
Become open for everyone to write on
Turn into a wiki
Try to merge with another blog.
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You get to choose.