Tips for making an alternate account.

Hi Everyone! I am here to advise you on some tips for making an alternate account to store your items in.

What Is An Alternate account? An alternate account can be used in desperation of being hacked or just for storing items.
Now of course everyone knows how to make an extra account. Its simple. But here are some tips on how to make the perfect alt.

  • Don't purchase a membership! Unless You are planning to commit yourself to your alt, I suggest you keep it a nonmember. It wastes money for your parents!
  •   If you follow the step above, then you are not able to send your items to your alt. So, basically, you need to open up a new tab and log in to your alt. 
  • Buy a bunch of cheap things! Ok, so since your trading, its best to buy cheap stuff on your alt. We all know Animal Jam gives you 1000 gems when you sign up so, you could spend those on something, say a necklace. Necklaces are only 45 gems so if i'm correct, you may be able to buy 24 necklaces (not an exact calculation). 
  • Earn More Gems! If you have way more than 24 items, then you should earn some gems and buy more necklaces until you reach the nonmember limit of 100.
  • Friend your real account! If your gonna trade, its pretty convenient to add your actual self so it will be much easier.
  • Only transfer your important stuff! Only choose your important stuff and transfer them. If you love your rares I suggest you take those only. Worry about the important stuff first. 
I hope everyone likes these tips! Hopefully you will use them! Bye everyone