The Search for Greely

Hey Jammers, no pictures today sorry, but a new adventure is out, it's called the search for greely spoiler bar has spoilers under it

Here's how the adventure goes, you start, get a torch, go to the fire drum, light it, follow the path, go into greelys seceret room, enter the combo (Blue thingy, yellow thingy, orange thingy) Ya that's just how great I am, thingys, anyway next go towards the phantom portal, get the phantom crystal, turn on the phantom rain thingy, turn into a phantom, go back to the phantom cave I didn't talk about, open it, get something probably bad but my friend got a worn in, go back to phantom portal, charge towards the phantom pods destroy them, get all four keys, save greely,  fight two phantom kings, go back to phantom portal, read a bunch ofmgarbage from the alphas bout the phantom fortess final adventure thingy, not important, get the prize and get out good luck! :D