Completely Non AJ Related Post...

Hey Jammers!

I'm having a bit of an issue. A few of my "friends" from real life have been coming on my blog, and spamming it. That makes me ANGRY!!!!! Not really, but you know. Anyhow, these incidents have forced me to make some changes. 

First. The chat page has been taken down. It's just too much of a risk, and nobody used it anyway. 

Second. You might have noticed that I've been deleting a bunch of comments. I am going to become a pretty big stickler for the rules, which are clearly outlined every time someone comments. 

Third. I've been forced to do something to two people, who's names are J and M. Yes, I've begun going into the motions to ban them.  If you break the AJDN rules, the same fate will become of you. You've been warned. 

Have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY, Jammers! That completes today's edition of AJDN. Goodbye!

~Crunchy Berryfriend