Hyenas are here & Summer Carnival returns!

Hello Jammers! This post will feature all of the latest updates on AJ! (Since i have been on holiday) Firstly the exciting new Jamaa Journal Updates! Lets start off with the cover is this weeks Jamaa Journal!
Hyenas have come to Jamaa these funny little creatures can be purchased in the Diamond Shop!
Its a shame that the Hyenas are for Members only but look on the bright side AJHQ has designed them quite well.

Here is a Hyena Jammer Tip DE Post!
Now for the second page of the Jamaa Journal.
AJ Jump is now on a $1 sale now,so be sure to buy it now!
Meanwhile the Summer Carnival has returned for the summer...
Including all of the awesome summer den items and clothing items and fun games!

And don't forget the yummy cotton-candy!

AJHQ also has a fun new Desktop Background for us all!
Here is DE post all about the summer carnival!
Now for the Third page of the Jamaa Journal!
Don't forget to visit the cruise ship party for fun all summer long and all of Ocean Clothes are on sale for 50% off,so grab your favorite items for less!

Now for the Fourth page of the Jamaa Journal!
Den portals can be found both in Jam Mart Furniture and the the Mystery Emporium,There is also a NM Den Portal sold in the Diamond Shop for 1 Diamond! And there are all new exclusive Ocean Den Portals sold in Sunken Treasures!

Now for the fifth page of the Jamaa Journal!
The Phoenix Armor will be leaving the stores but don't worry because there will be a new armor coming soon to the Diamond Shop! Don't you think the mysterious image of the new armor looks like the Spirit Armor that was a Monthly Member gift given a while ago? comment down below what you think.

Here is an update all of the cool items that have been sold around Jamaa for the past week!

Jam Mart Clothing...


Jam Mart Furniture...


Here is today's new item the Pearl Birthstone! Sold in Epic Wonders!

There are a ton of Clearance Item Around Jamaa this week!

There has also been a huge change of Jam-a-grams all of the cartoon jam-a-grams have been replaced with picture jam-a-grams!
Will you miss all of the cartoon pictures or do you think the new picture JAGS are cool? Comment down below what you think?

And don't forget to visit the Conservation Museum for a fun video of when AJHQ adopted a Hyena! and visit the Medical center and check out all of the awesome facts about Hyenas!

That's about it for today's post!